Dev: 1 Universal Lifting Services Ltd

Glider Simulator Stand

This stand was designed by our customer, and manufactured by Universal to their specification. The local gliding club were very pleased to receive the unique finished product.

Football Stand

Universal were pleased to manufacture and install this 160 seater football stand for Potton Football Club.

The Club's requirements and ideas were incorporated in a typical team effort that produced a safe and comfortable, low-maintenance, vandal-proof stand, with facilities for the disabled.

Overhead Crane

This 3,200kg SWL electric overhead travelling crane with 2 speed hoist and travelling features was recently installed, providing our customer with the critical safe and accurate control they required.

Steel Building Frame

Pictured is the structural steel frame of 'The Hop', located just off the Sandy roundabout on the A1. Manufactured and assembled by Universal, this building has a complex design and stands on stilts because of its proximity to the river.

12T Spreader Beam

This spreader beam was designed & manufactured by Universal in 1983. The 12,000kg SWL spreader beam helped lift and position a £250,000 dairy processing machine. The lift height required was over 100ft.